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1M4U ReachOut Concert @ Taylor’s University

1M4U ReachOut Concert @ Taylor’s University – 1M4U, or 1Malaysia For Youth, a volunteering organization for the youth under the brand-name of 1Malaysia. Well, it’s another thing by that Najib, trying to create a good image of giving back to the communities. Oh, I don’t know, I just don’t really like ‘1Malaysia’ slogan, as if there’s so many Malaysia? 2 Malaysia? 3 Malaysia?
Me, Connie, Hua Mic and Jason!
Don’t wanna talk about politics here, it’s frustrating, energy wastage and complicated. Let’s enjoy the free concert and see the Youtube stars I would say. It was a free concert, thanks to that Najib again, and the stars of the night that I was anticipating were the 3 Youtube stars all the way from the States – Jason Chen, David Choi and Chester See! Well, there’s Estelle and Taboo of Black Eyed Peas, but I was not that crazy about them.
This guy, a helper probably was trying to shoo people sitting on the stairs and go fill in the space in front of the stage, but no one bothers. Sitting on the stairs has a better view! But ass pain sia.
Put your hands up. OK.
Peoples on the balcony.
Decided to go take a walk, grab a drink during some loud rock band playing. Sunset, oh lovely.
I know, I know supporting the local musician is good, but the whole session before 8pm was filled with loud bang of rock band of Malaysia. It’s just screwing up my ears a lot, and rock band is not my type of thing. With some exception, Narmi was one sweet music group with nice vocal and music.
Everything before 8pm was just hot, boring, sweaty, stick and ass pain sitting on the stairs. Everything turned wild and crazy after 8pm where Jin & Ryan of Hitz.FM, Jason Chen, David Choi, Chester See, stormed the stage with uberly-awesome music and crazy shouting screaming like siaolang crowds. Ah, David Choi has a very shiok voice that I like.
Jin of JinnyboyTV is on stage, MC-ing, welcoming Jason Chen.
I was just pretty far away, but yeah, it’s Jason Chen on the stage.
Right after all 3 Youtuber performed, that Najib and Rosmah came on stage for a little appearance. O.o
It was fun until that Najib and Rosmah came up to the stage for a little appearance. Wa-really-piang-eh!  Just, skipped that part and went for dinner. You know, the feeling is like when you are very high (anything that you can high, think yourself), then suddenly people come disturb you, that’s the feeling.
Rave party all night long. Awesome.
The party didn’t end that early, the Taylor’s University ground was turned into a rave party venue for the whole night and for the first time, Taylor’s University feels like a university to me. LOL. Yeah.
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