Work, Cough, Quiet, Sunday

Work, Cough, Quiet, Sunday – Woke up coughing in the morning and I suspect was the hot weather yesterday with the bad ass fried chicken nasi kandar and maggi goreng that implanted the stupid cough virus into me. Oh sucks, it’s irritating, and I found no pharmacy open around me. Ended I get myself a non-sleepy Woods. I need some cough relief syrup that makes me feel high and stim so I can get well soon.
Sunday was pretty quiet, spending the day alone with lots of Stephen Chow’s movie on Youtube and amend my drawings for work, oh OT with no extra pay. =.= Why do intern has so much to do? If I were the boss, I definitely…… will also do the same. LOL. Nevermind lah, it’s the process of learning and just do it. How’s Sunday for you?
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