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光明新春庙会 Guang Ming Daily’s Miao Hui 2012

#1: Guang Ming Daily Press Centre.

光明新春庙会 Guang Ming Daily’s Miao Hui 2012 – The press centre of Guang Ming Daily on Macalister Road turns into a happenings carnival on last Sunday night where thousands flocked into the compound of Guang Ming Daily and Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Centre. It’s the annual ‘temple fair’ by Guang Ming Daily which is a mini carnival that stages performance, dragon dance, lion dance, and a mini art-craft market in conjunction with the celebration of Chinese New Year.

This ‘temple fair’ or known as Miao Hui to the Chinese is a smaller scale of Chinese New Year carnival celebration by the Penang State Goverment.

#2: Performance stage.

#3: Sun Yat-Sen Centre on Macalister Road, Penang.

It happened on the Saturday night that I was free and have got nothing to do, curiously, I went to check out the Guang Ming Miao Hui on Macalister Road, armed with my photography gear. My friend Min Xiang, Kok Sheng, Sammy and Stanley were there too, I went there to meet them up.

#4: Kaka Art Market.

The whole carnival occupied two addresses on Macalister Road, the Guang Ming Daily & Sinchew Daily Press Centre and the Sun Yat-Sen Museum. There’s a mini art market (Kaka Art Market) at there which sells plenty of cute and cool handicraft. All the handmade were pretty impressive and nice. I bought something at there too.

#5: Cute handmade bunnies.

#6: Some handmade.

#7: More handmade.

#8: Figurine.

#9: A shit head figure.

The Miao Hui is mainly about the mini art market, stage performance which includes local artists, dragon dance, wushu demostration, magic show, dance performance and a special appearance of traditional dragon dance – Ban Deng Long 板凳龙, which the long dragon is made of wooden plank and then decorated with colourful Chinese lanterns.

#10: Wooded dragon – Ban Deng Long.


#12: The dragon is now flying.

#13: Happy boy.



#16: Min Xiang.



I spent about 2 hours at there photographing and chatting with friends and home I went. Chinese New Year mood is coming very early this year with these Miao Hui carnival. Happy early Chinese New Year my friends and everyone! =)

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