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Weld Quay Famous Penang Asam Laksa And Ai Yu Bing Dessert

Weld Quay Famous Penang Asam Laksa And Ai Yu Bing Dessert

Weld Quay Famous Penang Asam Laksa And Ai Yu Bing DessertLaksa lover are lucky today because I just found out a new delicious yummy Penang Assam Laksa at Weld Quay. Perhaps some of you may knows about it already but nevermind, just sharing it with everyone because I am a fan of Assam Laksa. One question, how do you spell assam laksa actually? Assam or Asam? There’s no standardized one. Haha.


On the corner of the junction of Gat Lebuh Acheh (Acheen Street Ghaut) and Weld Quay and under a tree, this is where the stalls of the yummy assam laksa and also ai yu bing (a kind of jelly) dessert locate at. Some times, there’s also a curry mee stall but it wasn’t open during my visit.

Only RM3.00 per bowl and you get a nice bowl of asam laksa, not spicy, not very sweet like others, enough of sour-ish taste and it’s nice to me. Although taste different with the famous Farlim Shell Station laksa, I still finish the soup until it’s dry. Fish and vegetable were enough and it’s a good food for afternoon tea or eat-for-fun. Another thing is the aunty who is selling the laksa is kinda friendly too.


There’s also a little dessert stalls serving the laksa customer at there, which sells local desserts like chendol, red bean soup, ai yu bing and grass jelly.

I ordered a bowl of ai yu bing, it’s a kind of jelly, different from grass jelly, tasted a little bit sour-ish with lime in it. It’s a good thirst quencher during a hot day.

Remember to spot for a tree as the stalls are under the tree. It’s a good location as there’s a tree providing shade so it wouldn’t feel very hot. The stalls open from late morning till mid-afternoon. Lunch and afternoon tea will be nice. =)

Credit: Thanks dearest @hueisean for introducing this place.


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