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Warsaw: Got Scammed 40 Zloty For Pasta Meal

Eastern Europe Trip // Warsaw: Got Scammed 40 Zloty For Pasta Meal – Day 2 in Warsaw, damn, we woke up at 12 and only willing to head out of the hostel at about 2pm. I guess we have forgotten to change our clock an hour forward. LOL. The night was coming as we headed out to look for lunch. We were just so lazy and unexcited about the city as we had 3 days in Warsaw. Day 2 was either head back to the Old Town or to look for Christmas Market, but since the night was so near, we went to ‘Christmas Market’. (There’s actually no Christmas Market in Warsaw, I guess we’d just mistaken the super market as Christmas Market when we asked about it at our hostel. LOL).

We were looking for food, but had no idea what to eat. Not kebab again, nor McDonald’s or KFC. We were quite stingy as well, and then came across a board writing 17.9 Zloty for an Italian set menu. Without any hesitation, we just went in a sat down. The friendly boss came and showed us the menu and it was like no where near 17.9Zloty. The boss who were unable to speak a proper English nor us able to speak Polish or Italian, we were like pointing this and that. We asked about the set lunch that was written out there, the boss said lunch hour is over, we were like ‘OMG, let’s go?’, then in a few minutes, he came and told us it’s still available in the kitchen.

Tried to ask about what’s included in the set but we just couldn’t get a proper answer. We only know it’s pasta and we did ask about the price again to be sure, the boss was like saying ‘forty, fourteen, forty’. Well, it seems reasonable 14Zloty for a pasta, hardly speak further with a different language, we said OK with enthusiasm.

First a soup of unknown, tasted garlic and onion, which was quite nice. Later a spaghetti pasta of nothing, with no meat but tasted sweet and tomato. A bit disappointed but still reasonable with the price. =) BUT, when the bill came, it was 40Zloty per person. Gosh! Scammed. Make sure you ask properly about the price, properly as in really proper, written in black and white before ordering something that is too good to be true. Feeling, mehh.

Warsaw: Got Scammed 40 Zloty For Pasta Meal
Passed by this cool place while looking for food.

Warsaw: Got Scammed 40 Zloty For Pasta Meal

Warsaw: Got Scammed 40 Zloty For Pasta Meal
The soup, garlic onion.

Warsaw: Got Scammed 40 Zloty For Pasta Meal
The spaghetti pasta.

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