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Walk Walk At Bukit Bintang With Hueisean

Walk Walk At Bukit Bintang With Hueisean – Sorry if I have been posting many photos/posts about Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur downtown or the city because recently (more to come) I have been to downtown KL quite some times and I have taken many photos which I want to share with all of you. =)

The glass wall outside the RapidKL KLCC Station ticketing counter.

Hueisean’s first time at Uniqlo, which is also my favourite Japanese brand.

It was a Saturday, and I went to town with my dearly Hueisean to walk, to shop, to see, to shoot and to eat. As usual, Kelana Jaya Line Rapid KL LRT was our transportation to town, and of course the wonderful pairs of leg that we all have got.

She told me that Garrett’s popcorn is good! And have been eating many in Singapore and now it’s here in Malaysia, in KLCC. Gonna check it out when it’s open.

I’ll take it as an exercise walk in town because I find it quite effective as I believe there’s more than 5KM I have walked on that day, perhaps more.

Taking photos of Garrett’s Popcorn … store.

Went to check out Tokyo Street in Pavilion, the new shopping zone in the mall.

Everytime I go downtown to window shop, it’s always KLCC > Pavilion > Fahrenheit 88 > Sungei Wang > Lowyat Plaza only then go back home. Imagine how far and long I walk to and at this places. It’s tiring yet fun. Though that day only covers a little bit of KLCC, many bit of Pavilion, a little bit of Fahrenheitt 88 and more a bit of Sungei Wang.


Hueisean seldom come to KL, so she doesn’t really familiar the way around and so I was her guide for her shopping day. =D It’s not saying that Penang doesn’t have good mall, it’s that the mall here has more choice and I hope that one day my hometown, Penang’s shopping mall can be on par with the one in Kuala Lumpur. =D Haha. I think Gurney Paragon shopping centre will be awesome.

Went to check out the new shopping zone in Pavilion which is the Tokyo Street – featuring many Japanese oriented and based shops and restaurants. It’s a very cool and good idea, however there’s no Muji! How can Muji not in Malaysia yet, I am still waiting for Muji for their cool minimalist lifestyle products. Overall, this place is nice, you can get many Japanese snacks and food here.

Walk walk walk, snap snap snap, see see see, I’ll let the photos of speaks.

The Click Shop is a very nice camera shop that sells Lomography camera. I really amaze that a blogshop can make it into an outlet at the prestige shopping mall – Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur. The interiors and decorations make it look premium too. Somehow, I am more into vintage camera than lomo camera now.

Sunset at Bukit Bintang. You are not allow to step or stand or walk on the grass platform. Really lousy.

Here comes the famous Bukit Bintang cross road.

The giant LED cube by YES 4G. I prefer having the screen showing like news instead of re-run of YES 4G commercial on it. Though, it’s really very awesome.

Only now I know that Sungei Wang’s toilet is free. Woohoo. I hate finding RM0.20/RM0.30 coins for toilet. Really ridiculous.

After touring Sungei Wang Plaza, while walking home, we found something interesting at the Bukit Bintang cross road, in front of the giant LED screen above Maybank. Crowds were standing there, taking photos, smile, and having fun. We were curious and went to check it out.

I see us on the big big screen. No wonder everyone was standing there to take a look, at themselves. We, too, looked at the screen. It’s actually a promo for the upcoming F&N Big Fun Fest on 24th September 2011 where the area will be turn into a dance party. People will be dancing, and will be shown live on the big big screen. It’s sort of like a flash mob and you can learn the dance on Facebook too and join the fun!


Then, we went back home. Yeah! What a fun Saturday.

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