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Walk Home From Gurney Plaza on Tuesday Afternoon

Went to Gurney Plaza to do some stuff yesterday and I did not drive, mom dropped me there and I walked home. Before I got my driving license, it was walking all the time to and fro. But after getting my driving license, I always drive there although it’s near. Haha.

IMG_0517 by nicholaschan.

So it’s quite some time I didn’t walk home already and yesterday I took a walk and it’s, HOT!

The weather was hot yesterday but then I saw blue blue sky. So surprise to see blue sky at this time because skies are blue during December-January of the year. Love it a lot! Guess it’s time for me to pack up my camera gear to go out to shoot something.

IMG_0518 by nicholaschan.

IMG_0519 by nicholaschan.

Gurney Plaza was quiet yesterday, it’s always quiet on a working weekday and it’s not happenings. While walking home, I saw the sea was in a high tide, Gurney Drive is so pretty during high tides because there’s no fugly mud shore. I so wish that it could be always high tide so no more ugly shore.

IMG_0520 by nicholaschan.

IMG_0521 by nicholaschan.

No idea why they make the bus stop so pretty whereas there’s no bus passing this place.

IMG_0522 by nicholaschan.

Gurney Drive was quiet too and hot. I was sweating all the way and trying to shade my self with my hand while walking home.

IMG_0525 by nicholaschan

IMG_0524 by nicholaschan

Ok, good night for now. Not going to show you where my place is. Haha. It’s 2am while I’m writing this.


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