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A Walk At Chow Kit Area

A Walk At Chow Kit Area РUnder the scorching Sunny heat, with dusty breeze from the road blew occasionally, the sound of motor engine can be heard passing by, I was walking at Chow Kit area. Took the LRT from Kelana Jaya to KL Sentral, interchanged to monorail to Chow Kit then I alighted. I should have taken the LRT and interchanged to PWTC instead. The monorail is slow and expensive!
Clean and green sidewalk. I like.
I was in town in the morning yesterday, to check out a place that I found in Chow Kit which to be designed for my final design project. Site analysis is a part of every of my project and so, a visit to the place is a must to study, to see, and to photograph.
This indirectly gave me an opportunity to explore another side of Kuala Lumpur – Chow Kit, a place that known much as the red light district, black and dirty zone. Indeed, but Jalan Ipoh on the other hand is clean and green, surprisingly. Some places is clean, some places is dirty. That’s the problem of KL, not every corner are well maintain which is kinda sad.
Food stall in the alley.
KL Tower from one of the rooftop.
The place have potential to be revitalized into a new district because the architecture at there is very retro and have feeling. If it’s not the assignment, I would not have come here already. You know right, you have to be careful when walking around KL city.
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