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Visit Friends on Day 3 of Tiger Chinese New Year

Spent day zero, day one, and day two with my lovely family and there’s no more family day on the 3rd day. Everyone at home seems like have nothing to do and for me, I went out early morning to Air Itam to meet up Fang Juinn who came back from Singapore, Chin Tatt and Hua Ken who came back from National Service for a short period during Chinese New Year. It had been a long time didn’t see them already.

IMG_4005 by nicholaschan.
Hua Ken and Yong Chieh.

Woke up early and went to meet up with them at a kopitiam at Air Itam, talked to them but ate nothing because have got no idea what to eat at there. No feel.

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Wuan Xin and her uncle.

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OMG. Fang Juinn is getting taller!

IMG_4057 by nicholaschan.

Met a new friend, Wuan Xin, a friend of friends’. She brought us to her grandma house and her grandma was very friendly and chit chat a lot with us. She talked about her young and even showed us her traveling photos and photos when she was young. Real friendly old lady, can talk whatever with us, youngsters. I spent like whole morning at there, later on to another friend, Yong Seng’s house for a Chinese New Year visit.

IMG_4066 by nicholaschan.
Boys rape.

IMG_4067 by nicholaschan.
Dick shaped candy.

IMG_4068 by nicholaschan.
Noob fencing-kia.

IMG_4073 by nicholaschan.

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Uncle’s Chicken are always yummy!

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IMG_4081 by nicholaschan.
Yong Seng.

IMG_4090 by nicholaschan.
Kenny and Victor.

IMG_4078 by nicholaschan.

They’re all my junior in Leo Club. A year younger than me, we eat, we play, we gamble. Chinese New Year is always about gambling, but I lose that day. Damn. Bad luck, Kenny won the most. After losing so many, we decided to stop. They went else where and I went to Gurney Plaza to walk around because I didn’t feel like going home yet.

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Min Xun and Jueqi.

IMG_4115 by nicholaschan.

Met people there. Walkaround and afternoon tea at there for a couple hour. Then it’s already evening already, went to another friend’s house again.

IMG_4126 by nicholaschan.

It’s Chen Yuen’s house at Perak Road. So nice that he was at home and I received ang bao again. It’s the last stop of friend’s house visiting of the day. Me, Ammerlynn and Chen Yuen was actually at there waiting other friends to come back to Penang so we could had dinner together. After dinner, I went to the cinema with my brother to watch Percy Jackson. It’s really tiring afterall, run here and run there, but then it’s fun and filled!
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