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Universal Studios Singapore: Random & Going Home

#1: The hamburger shop.

Universal Studios Singapore: Random & Going Home – Well, this gonna be my last post about Universal Studios Singapore and I’ll let the random photos taken in USS speak for itself. To be honest, Universal Studios Singapore is really small, you can finish walking around it within hours and done all the ride too if there’s not many people.

Overall, it’s a good experience though as I’ve never been to famous theme park like this. I would like to visit those with more roller coaster and bigger one like Six Flag and Disneyworld in Orlando, FL, USA and Universal Studio Tokyo and more.

#2: Steven Spielberg’s Light’s Camera Action.

#3: You can see Steven Spielberg’s special effect in there

#4: The street.

#5: Brother and me.

#6: Brother and his girlfriend.

#7: Futuristic hotel at far end and a mini lake, combining the western themed building. Cool.

#8: Shrek’s palm.

#9: Yum yum pop corns.

#10: Clapping hands.

#11: Daddy O’s singing.

#12: Hot Mel’s Dinettes.

#13: Big fat Kungfu Panda.

#14: Betty! Weird hairstyle by the way.

#15: Asian’s Marilyn Monroe. HAHA. Came back from the dead in Asian form.

#16: Road Runner’s girlfriend.

#17: US!

#18: Fake Beverly Hills. Noob.

#19: Thank you and bye bye. Took us half an hour to queue for the freaking long monorail. Why everyone want to go back at the same time?

One thing, I forget to mention is that the Monster Rock musical show was awesome. Don’t miss it in Universal Studios Singapore. Bye bye.

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