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Hike Penang Hill And Ride Rapid Penang Back

Hike Penang Hill And Ride Rapid Penang Back
#1. Random faces.

Hike Penang Hill And Ride Rapid Penang Back – 8 guys, including me, previously from Penang’s famous boys school, Chung Ling High School went for a hike from Botanical Garden to Penang Hill.

Oh man! It’d been some times that I did not hike the 800+m vertical height Penang Hill for some times. The last time was like, 2 years back? It’s not easy for us, HAHA, it took us for 2 hour plus, almost 2 and a half hours to reach the top which avid hikers normally take one an a half hour non stop or some pro run up for like 45 minutes. Those who run up the slope are really crazy.

#2: Random faces two.

I think it’s quite reasonable for us to take such a long time up because we were having our sweet time up, talking, joking and laughing all the way. Now I rethink whether I can climb the Mount Kinabalu at Sabah or not. HAHA. It needs great stamina.

#3: Top of the hill with many tourists. Woohoo. Actually Penang Hill got nothing one lo, what do you think?

Finally reached the top of Penang Hill at 10 something where we started at 8 something. Felt very happy when we reached the top as I know I do not need to suffer any more. LOL. I must train more already.

#4: Not good fried rice.

Went to eat fried rice at the hawker stalls area for brunch and chit chat at there. Frankly, the fried rice sell by the Chinese seller was not that rice. I prefer the Malay stall at the end of the hawker stalls area. One plate of this egg fried rice without prawn cost RM4.50. WOW. Now only I know that you can’t order food from other stall at the table we sit because different stall manages different table.

#5: Is me, playing with the phone I guess.

#6: Yan Chien Chern.

#7: Arron Lim.

#8: Me (look like a kid), Merritt, Xiang Foong, Yong Fu, Chien Chern.

#9: Chien Chern again, Alvin, me and Arron.

#1o: The bushes which block the view of Penang city.

#11: Clearer view of George Town, awesome!

I feel Penang Hill is quite a relaxing place because when there’s wind blows up there, it feels very chilly and cool and at the same time can enjoy the beautiful view of Penang.

#12: David Brown’s Sky Terrace. Expensive restaurant! Hmm.

We bought the tram ticket at RM4 per student price person and then we went down of Penang Hill. So nice that there’s no long queue like the Hong Kong tram that I went recently and I feel the tram service in Penang is very world class one. Haha.

#13: The gang.

#14: Road.

#15: Road in front of Chung Ling High School.

#16: My high school!

We wanted to take the Rapid Penang public bus back home but then we didn’t see any bus passes Penang Hill area, then we walked directly to the place where more Rapid Penang buses pass by and that’s Shang Wu Primary, pass Chung Ling High School and it’s like 3km away. Very power, because call the way we didn’t see any bus also, I wonder where all the buses gone when we were walking.

#17: In Rapid Penang bus.

#18: At the bus interchange station, Komtar.

It’s been so long that I did not take the Rapid Penang bus too. Still the same, getting more people in the bus but not as much as in other big city. No upgrade or improvement I can see yet. I wonder when they will implement Touch N’ Go system and introduce double decker buses.  Hmm.


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