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Universal Studios Singapore: Lost World & Far Far Away

#1: The Lost World Jurassic Park, not as big as in the movie. HAHA.

Universal Studios Singapore: Lost World & Far Far Away – Previously, I showed you about the Sci-Fi City and now bring you to The Lost World & Far Far Away. Very sad on that day was that Rapid Adventure was closed for repair. It’s the water rides that will get you all wet, rushing down the stream.

#2: Two dinosaurs and 3 eggs.

I feel nothing much at there because couldn’t get to play the Rapid Adventure, so it’s just walk around, see fake dinosaur and dinosaur egg, as well as ride the mini Canopy Flyer to get a good view of Universal Studios on higher level.

#3: Playing water at the dinosaur’s egg seems fun.

Then wait for the time to come to see the WaterWorld water show which was pretty awesome and will share with you in another post. I am more interested into high speed ride although there’s a rock climbing called Amber Rock Climb which we didn’t experience.

#4: Entrance to the Far Far Away looks very fairytale.

After The Lost World is the Far Far Way with a more fairytale theme featuring Shrek 4-D Adventures, Donkey Live, Magic Potion Spin and Enchanted Airways.

#5: Hello Fairy Godmother. 
We had our lunch here randomly at the Friar’s Good Food which I think so-so only. Then went to queue for Shrek 4-D Adventure. The queue was longer than other ride, luckily there’s air-con and fan at the queuing area.

#6: The castle.

The Shrek 4-D Advernture was pretty funny and you can experienced some weird scent, shaking chair, water spray and something touching your leg. Haha. Brother told me that it’s the same at Universal Studios in USA.

#7: Friar’s Good Food. So-so only the food.

#8: Taking photos.

#9: Disneyland’s seems prettier.

It got hot and sunny at here as there’s less shade at Far Far Away and perspiration beats out of the pore.

#10: Me and brother.

#11: Random man talking on the phone. Yo, what’s up, why are you looking at the cam?

#12: Far Far Away.

We actually came to Far Far Away twice because we were bored and done all the famous rides by afternoon. So we went to Donkey LIVE, an interactive music show.

#13: The worker at Universal Studios Singapore.

#14: Donkey Live!

I thought it’s real donkey or some human-in-donkey-costume but it’s actually a TV projection with an interactive donkey on screen. Haha.

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