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The Velvet Rabbit Musical On Easter’s Day

Very spontaneously, I went to see a musical in conjunction with last month’s Easter’s Day, many weeks back, last month, which happened to be in my campus, one of the lecture theaters. The musical drama is called The Velvet Rabbit by Harvest Generation Church.

How I actually came to this was that on the day before Easter, Arron called me and asked if I was in campus or not, I was not but then I was later because to met him up, they were going to see the musical actually and I just simply followed. That’s it, very spontaneous and unplanned.

Actually, this was my first time checking out a musical drama. Looking at their props, their live band background music, I think they are pretty cool, just that the singing off a bit, yet it’s entertaining. We can’t be expecting Broadways standard here anyhow.

So that afternoon, I went to find my Penang friend and high school mate Arron in my campus, they were studying, online and playing Monopoly Deal at the same time and I joined them. Since it’s a Saturday, I thought why should I stay in my room, moreover I have paid so much of resource fee for the school and so I have to use the resource and facilities to the max, money sucker Taylor’s University.



Well, the story is about a girl named Annie with a talking toy rabbit, ran away from home, met bad guys, and her dad dies, then the talking toy rabbit revive his dad, and lastly bad guy got caught and live happily ever after. =D

The end. Any nice musical drama coming soon? I come support support, provided it’s cheap, or FREE. The one I went was free by the way. Hehe.

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  • Raykhor
    June 23, 2011 at 8:19 am

    Hi Nick my name is Raymond, one of your readers and have not been reading your blog for quite sometime and I stumbled upon this post regarding the Velvet rabbit. I’m glad that you enjoyed the musical as this was our very first big scale musical and is done outside our church. We are planning for another musical for next year’s Easter. Will keep you posted soon! Feel free to drop by our church, you can email me at Thank you so much for your support!


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