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The Rubber Game

We don’t call it the eraser, instead we call it THE RUBBER GAME.

You see a bunch of people there? They are playing the game. Sorry for the blurish photo.

I don’t know who invented this game. What I know is these fellows, starts playing the game last year. You know sometimes in class very boring one when there is no teacher or free period, we are not allow to bring electronic device nor CHESS. You heard me, chess also not allow to bring. So instead this little eraser brick to bring entertainment to us.

How to play?
Flip the eraser on top of another and you win. Play as many round as you can and see the total scores. There are skills like back shot, long shot, double kill, triple kill. My friend recently added new gaming leisure to it with Law Of Ueki version of THE RUBBER GAME. I will ask him more about the version of this game.

Note : 1 “rubber” (eraser) is RM0.50 only at our school bookstore.

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