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Camera Got Confiscated

Today is last day of school for the first semester. Yay, and tomorrow is the starts of my 2 weeks school holiday. πŸ™‚ Happy of course, very happy. I finally can relax a little bit after 1 weeks of exam and extreme study till late night. I had Chinese Essay and Civic Education today.

I feel that there was like 2 hour free time in school, so I decided to take my camera go snap snap live action in class. God damn it, when I was shooting a short video on my friends playing “THE RUBBER GAME”, the prefect saw me. He took my camera and ask me to go to find the discipline teacher with him. So I went.

The teacher was friendly to me:), she is also the teacher that caught me “cheating” that day. She said not much thing, just tell me that I am not allow to bring camera to school, she “kept” for me and ask me to call my parent to come and get it back. I straight go to the pay phone to call my mom, she say why I so troublesome. Haha, now I know if camera get confiscated, just call up parent to come and get it back, the discipline teacher is like a Safe Box.

I think something wrong with the camera already, maybe it’s too old or I didn’t focus, the photos turn up to be blurish. I didn’t bring my Kodak camera, cause too big, can’t even fit in my pocket, so I brought my OLD Konica 2.0megapixel camera.

Yoyo, Happy School Holiday to all of you who are having their school break. πŸ™‚ !

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