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Thank You Lee Chong Wei

Thank You Lee Chong Wei – I believe many of you were watching the Olympic Badminton Final together in your room, living room, outside with friends and anywhere. It’s sad and pity to see just two point slipped away. I believe some of you cried for him too.

I was watching with my housemate, it was really nervous and exciting. Watching the point being tied at most of the time was just so uneasy, it’s like riding on a roller coaster. Twitter was trending ‘DLCW’ ‘Don’t Let China Win’ ‘LCW4GOLD’, I join the talk with ‘Don’t Let China Win’, unfortunately, Lin Dan wins again.

No doubt LD is good, but Dato Lee Chong Wei is good as well! Perhaps, he is our Malaysian Pride. He is the one who unite the whole Malaysia to watch a badminton match. Although Negaraku cannot be heard, we still can see Malaysia flag rising into the air.

You did great, thank you Lee Chong Wei.

By the way, Lin Dan sucks. LOL. What a ‘kukujiao shithead’ with an arrogant face. Good night guys! Tomorrow sing k, woohoo!

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