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Taipei: Interesting Visit To Beitou Hotspring Museum & Thermal Valley

Taipei: Interesting Visit To Beitou Hotspring Museum & Thermal Valley – Taipei has various hot spring site, one of which is Xin Beitou where you can find numerous hot spring hotel where you can enjoy a healthy dip in the natural warm water.
However, the hot sprint is not as open as I thought, I thought of the hot water pool would be set outdoor, or a nicely built indoor bath pool, but then it’s more like a private hotel room with a bath tub of hot spring water. You can book for a room with the hot spring bath tub by hours, or you can just stay overnight, it’s just like a typical hotel. That’s it. If you visit with your partner, then it’s gonna be a good dip. =D
Nevertheless, even if you don’t plan for a dip, a visit to Xin Beitou is recommended too, you can check out the old Japanese-built Beitou Hotspring Museum, the beautiful Taipei Public Library, and feel the steam and the farting sulphuric hot gas at the Thermal Valley. Not recommended to visit during summer! It was spring when I visited and it’s still very warm!
Beitou Station where you change to head to Xin Beitou Station.
Different metro line as this line only goes to Xin Beitou where the hot spring is.
Taipei Public Library, Beitou Branch. The architecture darn cool right! Ho liao.
The Beitou Hot Spring Museum.
Queuing to get in to the museum. FREE OF CHARGE, I LIKE!
The hall.
Old movie poster.
Very small pool.
Larger bath pool. It’s definitely so much smaller when you compare it with the Turkish bath houses.
It may seems close, but it’s really not good walking under the heat!
The public hot spring, the one and only with outdoor pool!
Beitou Thermal Valley. Yeah yeah.
More Steam.
A small cafe.
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