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Very Short While At The British Musuem

London // Very Short While At The British Musuem – After meeting up with the friend, we head over to some crowded street in London to get a glimpse of Londener’s lifestyle and activity – to Oxford Street and surrounding. While on the way, we passed by the British Museum, with a very interesting Greek Revival exterior and a modern interior.
The best thing about this place is free. Free as in free of entrance which you could just hardly find elsewhere, but what you are seeing is not British history but artefacts from all over the world. Yes, story, history, artefacts of everywhere, from Roman to Egyptian to Asian to everywhere. No idea how did the British got them but it’s one huge historic museum which I spent less than half an hour in there! They steal? They borrow? They snatch? They discovered? They’ve got it as diplomatic gifts? I am not sure, I don’t know.
Since it’s free to enter, so it’s not bad to take a very short walk. Perhaps I’ll come back again and do a longer walk!
Greek Revival Architecture of British Museum. Interesting or not?
The modern roof covering the open public space in the museum.
Here is me and the roof.
Egyptian hall.
Greek hall.
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