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Oxford Street, Bond Street, Chinatown, Covent Garden

London // Oxford Street, Bond Street, Chinatown, Covent Garden – The walk continues from the British Museum to Oxford Street and beyond. Walking in London can never be bored as you are just keep walking pass interesting retail and shopping street, accompany with extremely high traffic of human pedestrian.
You need to have the skill and patience when you are walking at the heart of London because human traffic congestion is inevitable. It’s hard to get used to it at first, you may wanna throw out some four-letter words or sending regards to people’s mother at times because of the huge traffic of pedestrian, but as you walk along, you would just have to accept and embrace the human-jam. ^$&%(*&!@)&@
That was fun, and happenings. At least it’s mind-refreshing, the rush of people just add a little bit of excitement to life. Unlike in Newcastle, it’s just so slow, so slow that everything’s got so bored here.
Jin was the guide of the day, he brought me and another friend, Alvin on a walk to the famous and busy streets in London.
Theater at West End, London, somewhere very near to Oxford Street and West End is the ‘Broadway’ of London.
Oxford Street with Christmas lighting at night!
Lots of Nike Shoes at Nike Town.
Starting at Oxford Street & Regent Street, the famous shopping street in London which you can find 3 Zara outlets on the same street, several Uniqlo(s) and H&Ms and more! (I would call it a Singapore’s Orchard Road-equivalent, but longer and more crowded).
Let’s get ready for the human-jam and scream (*^(%*^$&#.
Apple Store on Regent Street.
Late lunch of the day at Wasabi, the Japanese fast food that floods London.
Bond Street, where you will find a row of exclusively high end designer’s labels from Prada to Hermes to labels that you’ve never heard of. A walk in this area will suddenly makes you feel high-end for a little while if you can’t afford it like me. That’s fine, and I enjoyed flipping the price tags of the items here.
A photo with Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill. Yo, what’s up.
Bond Street of London.
A stopover at Chinatown, Leicester Square for dinner to give the feet a rest. Had a sumptuous dinner at the famous Cantonese Roast Duck restaurant – Four Seasons and to be honest, the ducks were real darn good. Price was affordable but expect a little wait and staffs ‘chasing’ you to leave after finishing your meal. Never feel bored of Chinatown as I see it as the most happenings place in London, not because I am a Malaysian Chinese, but the place is really exciting with many nice eatery that provides a good taste of Asia. Seriously. The Chinatown just feels like Hong Kong to me, crowded, noisy and Cantonese!
Chinese supermarket, New Loon Moon.
Four Season – 文兴酒家. They claim they have the best Cantonese roast duck in the world.
Cantonese Roast Duck!
Stop-by at the M&M World. Always full of people.
Covent Garden, the night ended here where the Apple Store caught my attention. The street performers, the Apple Market and the place where the TVB series, Triump In The Skies 2 filmed had just brought my excitement to another level. Cheers to London.
On the way to Covent Garden.
Covent Garden Underground Station.
Since when Master Yoda grows to this height?
Oh my Apple Store!
Raw and rustic Apple Store at Covent Garden.
As it says, Apple Market.
Giant Christmas ornaments hanging in Covent Garden Market.
To the fans of Chong Siong Wen Siu 冲上云霄2, Triumph In The Skies 2, you will recognise this place.
Christmas Tree!
Lego fun at Covent Garden.
An outdoor cafe.
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