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ROM: Steve + Lihong

ROM: Steve + Lihong – So many sad things happened lately, assignments, haze, blackout505, Penang freaking storm that kills, Penang Bridge accident and more. But let’s not talk about the sad thing and share some happy stuff with you. Well, my classmate, Steve has got married with his wife Lihong! Oh, congratulation and it’s not what you think it is. Hahaha. But I am very happy that they get to be together officially, and sweetly.
I was there at his marriage registration at Thean Hou Gong Temple, which indirectly brings me to a visit of this famous temple. Is the temple nice? Sorry, Kek Lok Si in Penang is so much better than that. HAHA.
Marriage registration thingy was pretty fast, and it’s simpler than I thought. I thought it’s something very complicated, but it’s just signing a few papers, read the vow, say ‘I Do’ and done. The rest of the time was just waiting and taking photograph.
It’s just another happy thing in life, if you ask me about marriage thingy? Well, I just feel that it’s still so far away from me, I want to get settle down in a place first, get indulged in a nice career, earn the first pile of gold, get a house, then, this is it. Haha.
Anyway, congratulation to Steve and Lihong. By the way, what is the ideal age to get married for you? =D
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