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Racing Against Time To Complete College Projects & Random Updates

Watching TVB and designing at the same time.

Racing Against Time To Complete College Projects & Random Updates¬†– A little bit update about myself is that I am now racing against time because the end of semester is coming, which means that it’s final exam, final presentation, final project submissions and dues for many assignments. It’s pretty exciting for me because I am like sleeping less and less, trying to squeeze out as much extra time as possible to for me to complete in time.

New IKEA chair – Fingal.

Some friend complained about ‘stress-lah’, stress this and that. Hmm. At this moment, I still feel nothing about it, still very OK with my work. Stress is something that force you to do something you don’t like, and that’s stress. So, enjoy you work, play with the time, accept a little of the dislike and soon it will be over.

Must sleep now as I slept for like 3.5 hours yesterday at 6am! Woooooo. Life of an interior design student.

Some other random updates:

NAJIB, no it’s the car plate NAJ113 which arranged like the word – NAJIB. In case you do not know who is Najib, he’s our fat Prime Minister. Yeah, 1Malaysia. Wonder who is so sampat, so obsessed with the name.

Met Dr Eric Leong, the Raja Hias – Design King of Malaysia at the UK Education Fair last week. He’s really a funny person and chat a bit with him. He introduces me to Teesside University, anyone heard of it before? By the way, congrats him on his doctorate of art.
Bought a work chair for my room! My old plastic chair was broken and this chair is so much comfortable than the normal chair. See the above second picture and you will see the chair.
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