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Queensbay Mall With Sumay, Mei Yen and Wei Jun

Two days ago, Thursday, I was bored and I went to watch movie at Queensbay Mall and walk walk. I didn’t feel like going to Gurney which is near to my place so I went to Queensbay Mall. Called a few people out but in the end it was 2 girls with me, Mei Yen and Sumay, then Wei Jun came to join us after the movie.

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We watched The Haunting Lover, it was a Hong Kong horror romance film but somehow seems boring to us and it’s not scary and sweet to me. Though the cinema was full! I wanted to watch Karate Kid, but Wei Jun and Mei Yen has already watched it already. Forgot to mention, Wei Jun, Sumay and Mei Yen were friends I made in NS. =)

Because we were pretty late, the queue was long, and we didn’t get a nice seat in the cinema. Though, it’s still a lot better than to be on the first row. You know, sitting on the first row closest to the screen sucks a lot.

After movie, Mei Yen went back. Then it was me, Sumay and Wei Jun came to find us. Walked around the mall and met Ker Ying at there. Wanted to buy a 480ml tall water bottle at Muji-liked store, Material at RM29, but it’s out of stock. Too bad, I safe back my money. Material does sells nice stuff but I don’t like them copying Muji. >.<

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Then we saw some cool stuff at the centre atrium of Queensbay Mall. There’s the Toy’s Story 3 roadshow and 3D LED TV demo. We went in the 3D TV thing to check it out, it was by Samsung. After wearing a 3D glasses, wow, the cartoon became 3D, pretty cool. 3D maybe the next big thing, but we need to have a lot of glasses if we have a lot of family members at home and it will look a little bit LOL when it’s TV time, glasses must be on, that’s the future high tech stuff.

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After demo-ing, there’s the Toy’s Story character around the place for people to take photo with. You know, they’re very funny because the toy soldier were really good, they really didn’t move or smile to let people to take pictures with. I tried to make them smile, but they were strong, trying hard not to laugh or smile. Haha.

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Sumay, me, Wei Jun.

Photo finish, we went back. No, we stopped by the beach for a while. =D Why no Mei Yen’s photo? Because she came here for movie then went back straight away already, no chance.

=========WORLD CUP FEVER=========

Check out the English and Chinese official FIFA World Cup song. =D


Oh man, do you feel that this few day’s match are a little bit weird. Draw or nil. Especially the England match, feeling very weird! Faster wake up England because I support you. Watching World Cup in HD at home is fun but then it’s alone, now is looking for good mamak or place with Wifi, best with aircon and cheap drinks to watch World Cup with friends, any idea? I know McDonald’s only, any alternative?

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