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Penang Turf Club Horse Show 2011

Penang Turf Club Horse Show 2011
#1: Penang Turf Club House Show 2011 poster.

Penang Turf Club Horse Show 2011 – For all the 19 years being in Penang, I have never been into the Penang Turf Club once just until recently. The Penang Turf Club is a horse racing track and there’s a golf course in there too. It’s similar to some other Equestrian Club or Hong Kong’s Happy Valley Jockey Club.

Last weekend, the Penang Turf Club opens it door the public with free parking and free entrance for the Horse Show 2011. It’s a carnival where people can see horse, take a ride on the pony, ride on the horse carriage, food stalls, games and more.

#2: Signage that guide you around the horse show.

I went to check it out for a while to see what is it all about and mainly to visit the Penang Turf Club. Actually, you can visit the Penang Turf Club at anytime when there’s horse racing, but then you have to pay for RM6 parking and another RM6 for entry to see the horse racing. I would like to see a real horse racing too, but I wouldn’t gamble. =)

#3: Quite a number of performance that can be enjoy and view at there.

There’s quite a number of activities you can do at the horse show, there’s game stall, performance, horse riding and more. I went in to tour a round and check out some cute horses.

#4: Yo, waddduppp horsee.

#5: Looking noob and sleepy.

#6: Itz ME!

#7: Department of Wildlife and National Parks.

I see many parents bring their kids to visit the carnival. I think it’s a good place for a good family outing since going to shopping malls will get boring some times.

#8: WTH! Snakes!! Snakes show at Penang Turf Club.

#9: Snake is so ugly, do you like?

#10: Food stalls, not so interesting.

#11: Some games for the kids

#12: Nice gate.

#13: Little boy sitting on a fake horse.

Taking photos at there were kinda fun too as there’s many1:1 horse statue for you to ride and take photos.

#14: Clown without make up. Balloon boy!


#16: Indie band playing on the stage.

#17: Kids.

#18: Take photos on the horse.

#19: Cute poster of the Penang Turf Club Horse Show 2011.

#20: Only now I know Penang Turf Club is so nice!

#21: OMGGGGGG, so niceeeeeeeeee
, so green.

#22: Flying phoenix, mechanical horse riding.

#23: Pony riding, for kids only.

#24: Entrance to Penang Turf Club horse racing viewing deck, a place for the adults.

#25: Carriage riding at RM4/ride. Not bad.

I think it’s a good carnival and hopefully there will be more similar one from Penang Turf Club. Haha. Didn’t really spend a long time at there cause was “saja-saja” touring for fun and take photos. Happy Monday!

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