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Past Few Days In Taylor’s And Bandar Sunway

Yoyoyo guys, I am back, sorry for being MIA for about 2 weeks. I went back home to Penang last week and I am back to Bandar Sunway right now and the best part of all is I have done all the presentation needed in college! Say YAY! It had been many sleepless nights for me since last week, spending time till early morning in university and also in my room, slept for like couple of hours and was a zombie all the time.

Back to PENANG!!!

The tiredness payoff, it’s fun, yet tiring. Though, it haven’t comes to an end yet because I still have 2 submission to go, though need less hands on because both of them are computer work and 2 paper of examination coming next week then after that I am free like a bird, for at least 2 months.

This week is supposed to be a study break holiday, somehow lecturer moved the presentation to this week and I don’t really get to spend time back in Penang. My coming back to college make me shock because stupid Taylor’s University closes the back gate again and I have to drive my car into uni to park somewhere 1km away. Really pissed me off, moreover the weather was so hot past few days.

Had two presentations lately. I think I don’t hate presentation because I want to be like Apple’s CEO, Steve Jobs who deliver awesomely great keynote. He is my idol and he is my role model. Yet, I still need to learn more, crap more, only then I can be like him. Steve Jobs rocks. Presentation subject was about L

eon Batistta Alberti, some Renaissance Italian architect. Haha. Not bad, learned something about him.

Next was I spent a lot of time in my little rented room, I have moved out of hostel by the way, for quite some times. Taylor’s University Hostel sucks to the max, don’t stay. Unlike lastly where I spent most of the midnight in campus, I didn’t for this week because I started off in my room so I want to end it in my room too.

Created a big mess in the room, super dirty, UHU glue, paper cutting, food, drinks everywhere but don’t worry, it’s clean now because it’s over!

Finally, I created a model, and of course, several orthographic drawings. Two more assignments to go! Wish me luck! Have a nice day friends. =)

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