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Pasar Malam-Style In Taylor’s University

Pasar Malam-Style In Taylor's University

Pasar Malam-Style In Taylor’s University – University was pretty happenings last week for two days. As early as 9am, the Char Koay Teow uncle has already started his job frying koay teow. I don’t know it’s nice or not, I also don’t really have much confidence in him, but I did see many people queuing up for it.

Pasar Malam-Style In Taylor's University

What’s happening was the Borneo Jazz Festival brought in a few hawker-style food stall to Taylor’s for 2 days to promote the Borneo Jazz Festival which is happenings now. I have no idea, the event is this weekend but they promote it few days before, how can people here have time to buy air tickets to fly there? Anyway, it’s nice to see the food stalls here, it feel lively, awesome, fun, shiok, and shuang, although I didn’t buy anything. Hahaha. I was too lazy to queue is another reason.

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