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Overnight In Studio, Classroom And See Sunrise


Overnight In Studio, Classroom And See Sunrise
#1: Jia Hui’s playing my MacBook.

Overnight In Studio, Classroom And See Sunrise – Last weekend was a really tiring weekend to me and my team because that we were rushing for the submission of an assignment and we spend 3 nights in school. We stayed overnight for 2 nights and a night till late night. It was a good experience, it was fun, it was like camping in Taylor’s University. Haha, but I do not want more because the total sleeping hour for the 3 days was not more than 10 hours.

Overnight In Studio, Classroom And See Sunrise
#2: The studio that we were in.

#3:What a mess, the dark area at the back is where we lay back and take a rest.

It was really unhealthy for sleeping so less. I didn’t want to, we didn’t want to, we wanted to sleep, but work forced us to sleep less. It’s a group project, we couldn’t do it else where or at someone’s home because it will be very messy and dirty. The good on doing it in school is that we got free house keeping, we have a big place for us to move around, provided a projector screen and a decent good stereo speaker for some in-house entertainment – music and video.

#4: Xiami’s website on the screen.

#5: Another studio that we were in. This one was not a good place to rest as it was bright when sun rises, there’s no curtain.

There’s also the drafting table for us to do our drawing which the table at our home is not really suitable.

#6: Our stuffs.

#7: Good morning! It was about 9am.

Well, the bad of doing it in school is that you don’t get to sleep, even if you do, it will not be comfortable, you don’t get to bath, there’s no bathroom in the campus, and there’s nothing to eat in the midnight, only vending machine food.



#10: View from the window.

#11: Back to another studio.

#12: Something that we did.

It was a pretty fun experience in campus. Chatting all along, singing, screaming, shouting, as well as sleeping on connected chair.

#13: The screen again.

I believe there will be more overnight session in the campus. But I will try to sleep more. I don’t want to die early because there’s a research saying that people who sleeps less than 6 hours per day will reduce 5 years of his/her total lifespan.

#15: Arvin.

#16: Wesley and Steve.

I like that the school provides such service to us. In Penang, many of my friends work out their project at 24 hours McDonald’s mostly.

#17: Midnight, at about 6am.

One more thing, on one morning in campus, I saw sunrise and it was really nice. I didn’t wait until the sun came out, I was just photographing the sky as the colour was very nice.



Good morning. =)


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