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Nine Emperors God Festival 2011 Is Coming

Nine Emperors God Festival 2011 Is Coming
Nine Emperors God Festival in 2009 at Carnavon Street, Penang.

Nine Emperors God Festival 2011 Is Coming – The yearly Taoist’s festival, the Nine Emperors God Festival (九皇爺) is coming soon and the real parade of sending the god falls on this Wednesday till midnight which is also the ninth day of the ninth lunar month.

Madras Lane, the vegetarian food stalls.

You can find bubble tea too!

Every year, at this time of the year, devotees will turn on their vegetarian mood, which most sincere one eating vegetarian for nine days, and some will eat on the ninth day itself. It is believed that the Nine Emperors God will bring good luck and blessing to them.

End of Madras Lane where you meet the intersection of Burma Road. Opposite is a Kuan Yin Temple and the Nine Emperor Gods Temple.

To simplify, it’s another religious and happenings festival in Malaysia for the believer of Nine Emperor Gods. I missed the festival last year but I think I will not be missing it again this year as I would like to see how’s the festival is at here in Kuala Lumpur. In Penang, it is a very happenings night on the ninth day of the ninth lunar month where thousands will gather to send the gods in the procession. I have been to the procession in Penang in 2008 and 2009.

Devotees praying for blessing on the Nine Emperor Gods Festival.


In Kuala Lumpur, the procession is located in Ampang and I am planning to visit the temple. In order to visit the procession, I have to eat vegetarian on the day itself.

A plate of vegetarian bee hoon costs RM1.50.

In Penang, you will see lots of yellow flags hanging around which is actually telling you that the festival is going on and don’t be surprise to see many temporary set up stalls by the roadside selling vegetarian food. It’s pretty interesting to eat the vegetarian food, they are cheap in price, and some are quite delicious.

Vegetarian Pizza.

Chinese tangyuan.

Lobak in vegetarian version, which means they’re halal.

Not to forget, they have lots of variety too. You can even find lots of local delicacies like laksa, hokkien prawn mee, curry mee in vegetarian version, as well as western food like pizza, burger and more in vegetarian.

Fish burger ala vegetarian style.

Even the not-halal bak kut teh has a vegetarian version.

You should visit Madras Lane if you are in Penang because there are a row of food stalls selling vegetarian. If you are interested in checking out the event, you can visit Hong Kong Street / Carnavon Street in Penang Island on Wednesday night and Tou Bu Kong at Raja Uda. Do respect the god by eating vegetarian before you come.

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