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My Experience with SONY Cyber Shot


The king and first large 3.5inch touchscreen camera is a wonderful camera that my brother owns which now I am keeping this little baby for him. The Sony Cybershot T200 is the camera that you see in the above photo, with a gorgeous, sexy big touch screen. Sony still make sexy Cybershot camera by the way!

I want to write about my experience with the Sony Cybershot and so I want to rewrite one of the post that I have written before, sharing photos that I have taken with the Sony Cybershot! =D I now want to bring you back to the days during my high school time which I brings the camera every day to school, yes, every single day.=D

Science class is always fun, especially in Chung Ling High School where crazy bunch of Chung Ling student who are serious and at the same time playful. We play and we learn at the same time. Teacher always thought that we were not serious, but in fact we did actually listen to what they thought us. I serious.

Look at the face above, every was was so serious to check out the experiment. So fun and I was taking photo at there. HAHA. Yet I got A for my Science subjects by the way. Wakaka.


Someone (Shi Hun) smiled to the camera, where the class started to get hardworking, hardworking in being playful. You know being hardworking in playful is really very fun and crazy.

That’s right. Some say Chung Ling boys are naughty, in fact we were not. We were bunch of diligent kids. HAHA. And over-active a bit, talk a lot, being lazy and hardworking at the same time, I guess that’s make people think that we were naughty. No, we weren’t, we aren’t too.

Lalala. High school was the best and happiest moment and luckily I’ve got the camera to capture the memories! Yo 5SA1 of 2009, are you here?


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