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Benefits Of Using A Personal Domain For Blogs


Hahahahahahahallooooo people. Today I want to tell you the benefits of using a personal domain for blogs. Walao, this sounds so formal! No choice, I am a very formal person I tell you. =D

So the benefits are, VERY GOOD, VERY SHIOK, VERY FUN, VERY NICE, VERY HANDSOME, VERY PRETTY, VERY BEST, VERY AWESOME. Correct, the benefits are all consists of VERY. Serious one, I am serious.

Screen shot 2011-05-29 at PM 07.31.54

Seriously, getting a domain like dot com (.com), dot net (.net), dot my (.my) or other choices for your blog is good because they are really cheap, about RM30 per year only and then you gain coolness, easy to remember, and the most important, your OWN IDENTITY.

Screen shot 2011-05-29 at PM 07.29.58

Talk serious, you want to stay in your own house or want to stay in somebody’s house? That’s the way it’s explain. Same thing, yourname dot com is so much better than your name dot blog spot dot com right?

Moreover, it’s not troublesome to sign up for a domain, just one-click, pay, and then you get your domain, then link it to your blog platform that you are using. Look at my domain, NICK CHAN DOT NET, it’s so easy to remember, wonder if you still remember last time when I was at Blogspot. =D

So to conclude, go get a domain now. Cheap cheap only. =D

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