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MSID 5Belas Interior Design Student Saturday at Taylor’s University

Yo people, this is kinda belated post where this happened last month. I have been lazy, sleepy and blablabla reason, but guess you guys don’t wanna hear my crap. Haha. So I’ll talk about MSID 5Belas Interior Design Student’s Saturday OK? =0

So as you know I am a Interior Design student right now at Taylor’s University, just done one semester there and I am so grateful that I got a chance to join the MSID 5Belas ID Student’s Saturday, this is actually an annual event by MSID (Malaysia Society of Interior Designers) for the college and university to get-together, join competition, have fun and interact, and also make friends. This year, the host and organizing school is my school, Taylor’s University.

I am not part of any worker, some asked me to be the photographer, but I rather to be free and easy, I joined a competition at there and that’s Amazing Race.

It’s a Saturday and the whole thing starts as early as 9am until closing and prize giving ceremony at 12.30am. Yeah, it’s a long more than 12 hours event. Really tiring that day, but still a good experience for me. Many, many, many people were there and there were 15 participating institution. Got UCSI, UiTM Perak, UiTM Shah Alam, Saito College, Limkokwing, KBU, Alfa and I don’t remind already. Haha. I wonder why Penang’s Equator Academy of Art was not there and also the famous One Academy, why?

Morning was like opening ceremony, then some random workshop and afternoon was like competitions and at night also competition plus performance. Almost everything was competition.

Initially I wanted to join the short film and the theme was “BIOSPHERE”, but then I’ve lost my inspiration so I quit. OMG. Some ask me to join again this year. I’ll see. Hehe. What I like about that day was not participating in Amazing Race, I tell you the game sucks, but the fun thing was it’s ALL FREE. Haha. Free food, lousy a bit but I finally had a moneyless day in Kuala Lumpur.

I’ll list some competition here: Montage Design, Short Film, Sony Videologue, Banting Design, Residential Design, Commercial Design, Fashion Design, Amazing Race, Graffiti Art, Furniture Design, Lighting Design, Installation. Yeah, it’s all about design, sometimes I wonder what’s fashion design have to do with Interior Design, but afterall we are design student, we design almost everything. =D

Well, Amazing Race is something that you think it’s fun but it’s not! You actually turned out panting, gasping for extra air and want to rest more because it’s about running all the time. Marathon from place to place. It started with running here and there to look for a key to unlock the padlock for the next clue. After running to and flo for many times, the next stop was to the library to look for A book.

The book-looking was a easy task and after that we have to run off campus to a temple which is like 15-20 minutes walk away under the super hot sun to get the next clue. We should have drove there. Then we need to go to Sunway Pyramid which is not in a walking distance, so we took 2 cab as we have 8 members in our team. One thing, we were given RM50 per team for the game which is the fun part.

At Sunway Pyramid, we searched for the pickled cucumber, bought it and eat all of it. It tasted good at first but it got disgusting later. Though successfully finish it up.

Last task was to play the archery. Not easy as holding the bow with left hand because I am a righty. Need a lot of strength but still manage to aim and shoot. This was fun and should go and play some other time. Steady hand and sharp eyes are needed. Well, taxi back campus and pitstop. Started last, but ended team 10. Not bad already.

The fu
nny part of the day was the Fashion Design competition. The day’s theme was BIOSPHERE, I have no idea what that mean until now. It’s something environment, recycle and green stuff. Looking at the model’s make up and the creativity of their designer, I felt halloween. Haha.

But I did see some simplicity and minimalist nice. However, since people more like into complicated stuff, an underwater zombie won that day.

Other highlights for the rest of the days was just taking look at some lighting design and enjoy the Talent Time performance at night. Each institution came up with their performing team and perform. Simple as that and we enjoy the show. Woo.

I don’t know why my school didn’t really get many prizes that day, was it because that we were the organizer or ? Hmm. We’ll see on the next MSID 16 this year. =D

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