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Malacca Trip: St. Paul Church Ruin and A Famosa

How can a visit to Malacca without visiting the most famous historical site in Malacca, the A Famosa fortress gate and also the St. Paul Church Ruins be? Haha. Both of these are the leftover by the Portugese more than 500 years ago. Dutch are the bad people who destroy the fortress and the church which left only the gate and also the ruins. HAHA. Selfish dutch.

Anyway, don’t want to blame anyone already. But if they did not destroy the fortress, I may have more thing to see today, not only just the little gate.

A Famosa not the water theme park is located somewhere in Malacca Town near to Jonker Walk. Actually I think you are able to walk from Jonker Walk to A Famosa, it takes about 15 minutes I guess but then due to hot weather, we drove there.

All the attractions in Malacca are so closely linked together. The famous Dataran Pahlawan shopping mall is also near here also, so do the Taming Sari Revolving Observation Tower.

The weather was very hot that day. I wish it’s cloudy day.

And dear Hueisean didn’t want to join me up to check out the St. Paul Church Ruin because of the heat as we were already sweating like hell. The bad thing is that the St. Paul Church Ruins is located on a little hill and need to walk up a flight of stairs.

Things get better upon reaching up there because of a little bit of wind breeze. Yet, it’s still hot when there’s no win.

It’s so pretty, I feel it’s even better than the ruins of St Paul’s Church is Macau because there’s four walls intact instead of just one like in Macau. Haha. But the one in Macau is more colorful. Though, both were also left by the Portugese in the past.

Up here, it doesn’t feel like being in Malacca or Malaysia anymore. It’s so western-ish and I kinda like historical thing. The bricks, the tombstones of old-famous Portugese and English are placed up there. There’s people selling art by playing guitar and singing along. What a pretty place.

Didn’t spend really long time up there because there’s nothing much, it’s quite small then I went back down again.

Taming Sari Revolving Observation Tower which I didn’t check it out.

I went down, quickly open up the umbrella-eh-eh and walked back to my vehicle. Hardly stand the heat. Then we went to check out the shopping mall, Dataran Pahlawan and Hatten Square, it’s kinda nice and surprised that Malacca has good mall. Good job on doing a good tourism business, I hope my hometown Penang can be better and even the best! Oh yeah.

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