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London Stansted To Warsaw Modlin Via RyanAir

Eastern Europe Trip // London Stansted To Warsaw Modlin Via RyanAir – Last Winter, I’ve been on a trip to Eastern Europe, starting at Warsaw, then to Krakow, Bratislava, Budapest, Vienna, ended at Prague then back to London. It’s quite funny that how we actually planned the trip were that the 4 of us went on to Ryan Air website (airline like AirAsia of Europe), then search every destination that is listed on the website, checking that which one returns the cheapest air fare. Warsaw and Oslo were the cheapest place to fly to, at £12 for Warsaw and £6 for Oslo and ended picking Warsaw because travelling to Eastern Europe is a lot more cheaper than the Scandinavian.

After buying the air ticket, only then we started to look at Google Maps and plan our trip on how the journey goes. London > fly to Warsaw > bus to Krakow > bus to (Zakopane) > bus to (Poprad) > train to Bratislava > bus to Budapest > bus to Vienna > bus to London. It’s quite a budget trip we didn’t even think about a return air ticket, or look for train, it’s just bus all the way and guess what, the bus ticket back to London was the most expensive of all at about 50Euro!

Being in the UK, a part of Europe for a year is an opportunity for me to travel around since the transportation are so convenient and cheap. Moreover, there’s no problem for my Malaysian passport to travel around as no Visa is needed in the European Union countries, and you just never know that Europe is actually very small if to compare to other continent.

So the journey started in London, on the cheap airport transfer van (easyBus) that brought us to London Stansted Airport, it was night time already and we had to spend the night at Stansted Airport. Feeling excited and hungry, I had a burger at Burger King then tried to just find a spot, lie down and sleep; however, once I almost fall into my lovely dreamland, the airport security guard came and kick my leg and ask me to wake up, saying the airport is now open and no sleeping is allowed. ‘WTH?!”, nothing I can do but just wait until 6 something in the morning when the screen shows calling for our Ryan Air flight. London Stansted is the airport where most of the budget airlines are, but then it’s so much better than Kuala Lumpur’s AirAsia LCCT!

One thing that RyanAir is similar with AirAsia is that there’s no aerobridge that connects the plane, and you have to walk up to the plane. Yeah. Slept all the way to Warsaw and landed at Warsaw Modlin airport, I guess that’s not the main airport as it’s very small and located remotely from the city. Alien language started to appear everywhere, but luckily, not much of currency conversion was need as the Polish Zloty is almost equivalent to Ringgit Malaysia. Remember, use Poland Zloty instead of Euro is better.

Easy Bus

London Stansted To Warsaw Modlin Via RyanAir

Foggy London Stansted
Super foggy night at London Stansted.

Waiting terminal.  Time to fly.

Twilight Sunrise Airplane
ovely twilight from the plane, but I missed the sunrise as I was sitting on the west side.


h my god, foggy at Warsaw too! What a bad first day weather.

The small Warsaw Modlin airport.

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