Leo Motivation Camp Day

What should I say ?
Kinda bored, not very well organize. Arrive school early morning and its start at 10!!!The time table is wrong man. Have a seminar on How to be Leader?. Then had lunch with some fried rice. A game held and that was Tresure Hunt which don’t have tresure. Turn up my team were the last. Some basketball sessions with friends. Then went home. Feel bored isn’t it? I got not much to say about it as the photo tells.
What I got after the Camp, a certificate and a badge.Leo Members…

Saw this guys marching. School’s orchestra band member.
Some big guy telescope to look into space in my school for astronomy club. This thing is great, it can sees the surface of moon clearly.Tresure Hunt Team 1 Member a.k.a. Last-Team-To-Arrive-at-finish-line-eliminated

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