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so it’s in the middle of the nite, i know it’s late. but i haven’t finish my science study, form 2 science chapter 4 and 5, not much =), science teacher, ms ooi will be giving a class test for us, so that’s why im now studying it, 少见 i so hardworking, and because of school semester test is coming, haha, and that is why, wahhaha. now is middle of chinese lunar’s seventh month and also the hungry ghost month, all the spirit of underworld are release for a summer vacation to earth, so ppl out there, return home early, haha, this is what ppl always say, today because it’s middle of the month, need to do some praying stuff, morning, went to dad’s shop, and they already set up table, which is for the bai bai use wan, then food and fruits, yummy, because that dad is late to come back, and so they start the thing late, and so again, i went to school about 10 minutes late, huhu, don care lar, since today first period is I.T., had those roasted chicken, roasted pig and lobak for lunch, no vege, haha. talking about i.t. or known as information tech. , i paid 100bux a year for the school i.t. class, it’s compulsory for all student, from f1 to f3, you know it sucks, they teach useless thing, but it maybe useful to some noobs, last year, i learn ms word, which is a crap, i learnt it when im std 2, and then std 5 and last year again, this year they teach, ms excel and powerpoint, and again, i learnt in before in pri school and also i did take course b4 it, and over all, these are the third time i learnt it, and stupid thing is, the computer lab here no internet access, cant access net to get more thing, you know that sucks, they should teach something useful like photoshops, web design, html, flash and something else more interesting, those ms office thing is kinda common nowaday, just open the program and you’ll know how to ue it, just type some crap, and save. haha. got a msg from my brother, creative open new shop in plaza sg and so got 30percent discount on in-ear hearphone, and he agreed to buy for me!!, yeah, alright new headphone man, however, im not able to use it until november, he ain’t gonna come back to penang until year end holiday, busy with school works and his stuff i guess, so thanks for helping me buy, i pay part of the $ =p . wondering when apple will announce next gen ipod? last thing, i gonna welcome a penangite to blog, and he is chit liang or known as leon , hope more and more teenagers get on blog, really get impress by those singaporean kids, admire them man, young young 12 years old can have a good blog, you can hardly find ppl at their age do blog stuff. once again and
—sign off

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