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Leo Forum 09:Moving Forward Banquet Night

Last year’s Leo Forum’s banquet night theme was Black and White and this year it was just Banquet Night and I didn’t since when it’s called Moving Forward with a gold and silver theme until I was told when I arrived at the venue which was the Sunshine Banquet Hall. They gave us silver and golden star to be paste on the shirt or anywhere that can be seen but somehow, people took it off after some times.

I was not really fancy that night, very simple. A shirt and a tie and that’s me. Wanted to get a blazer before the event but didn’t really have a time to go and custom made one. I got a a tiny body so it’s not easy to look for one that suit me in the shops.

IMG_5101 by you.

Incoming vice president, Yong Seng, Outgoing vice president, me and normal member Merritt.

IMG_5097 by you. IMG_5107 by you.

Incoming Tresurer Kenny Chun and Incoming President of Leo Club of Penang (City) Stanley Saw.

The meal was better than the night before because it’s not self service buffet, buffet is not fun because I hate queuing up for food and moreover there’s so many delegates. To be honest, I didn’t really eat much for this course dinner. One reason was the time interval between food was very long and I was so tired during that time as I just slept for like 3 hours the night before.

IMG_5105 by you.

IMG_5108 by you.

It’s a little bit stupid to see people moving around with the “Silent Please” sign, it’s just too noisy in the hall. One reason was, the food was not served early. Haha.

IMG_5113 by you.

We sat really very very far from the stage and there’s not much entertainment going on that night. It was the top award giving ceremony. I got a Outstanding Vice President award in the afternoon on the same day and was hoping for a Top Vice President award but it went to someone else in Kuala Lumpur. Though, our club did got a Top Tresurer Award and that’s Jin Jie. =)

Food was not really important for that night as well as entertainment too. Award giving ceremony was already over and nothing much to be concern except moving around for photos. It’s the last night and need to take more photos for memories.

Photos speak for now, it’s just like a photograph night.

IMG_5118 by you.

With Leo Club of Union High School’s incoming President.

IMG_5120 by you. IMG_5121 by you.

Outgoing President Wy Yen a.k.a. Froggie and Vice President  Jess Min for Leo Club of Convent Datuk Kramat.

IMG_5124 by you.

Leo Club of Convent High School girls.

IMG_5130 by you.

Chee Keat, Outgoing President for Leo Club of Ipoh Unity.

IMG_5128 by you.

Wallace Mak of Leo Club of Penang (City).

IMG_5133 by you.

Jameson Padan of Leo Club of Penang (City) and also ex Chung Ling Leo member.

IMG_5132 by you.

Incomings and outgoings for Leo Club of Penang Chinese Girls High School.

IMG_5134 by you.

Wan Pei and Yng Shin of Leo Club of Penang Chinese Girls High School.

IMG_5139 by you.

Girls of Leo Club of Union High School.

IMG_5136 by you.

Kok Sheng of Leo Club of Penang (City) and also from KOKahKOK and also the official photographer for Leo Forum.

IMG_5146 by you.

Chung Ling High School and Convent Datuk Kramat.

IMG_5147 by you.

Chung Ling High School and La Salle Klang.

IMG_5154 by you.

IMG_5156 by you.

IMG_5158 by you.

Incomings and outgoings board of directors of Leo Club of Chung Ling High School.

IMG_5152 by you.

Incomings of Leo Club of Convent Datuk Kramat.

IMG_5166 by you.

Chung Ling High School and Penang Chinese Girls High School.

IMG_5173 by you.

3 sisters clubs, Leo Club of Penang (City), Chung Ling High School and Convent Datuk Kramat.

IMG_5163 by you.

With Lion Alan Thoo, District Chairperson for Leo Club 308 B2 year 2009/10.

IMG_5167 by you.

With Lion Ong Lai, Regional Committee Chairperson for Region 1 Leo Club.

IMG_5160 by you.

With Leo Idols of 2009 and Digi Superstar, Azizi.

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