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Last Day Of Semester 1 in Diploma In Interior Design

Time flies people, so fast my semester one of my study is coming to an end already. This week is week 14 which is the last study week but I only went to one day of class which is on the Tuesday to attend CK’s Building Materials class. I skipped other classes and some classes are already off and what I have to do now is to rush my assignments, lots of it and prepare two exam papers which is coming in two weeks time.

Finally, after so much of drawing and hands-on stuff, I can get myself into a study mood, memorize, writing, like what I did during high school. Hands-on and drawing is actually harder than exam to me because I am kinda bad in art stuff. Hehe. So this two weeks, I’ll just stuck inside my hostel and campus, just to get things done, hopefully there will not much white hair pops out of my head and stuff.

I went back to Penang last week for Deepavali, holiday not celebration and came back on Monday, then I only attended class on Tuesday. Then that’s all. Work time all the time. So went to take a photos with CK, my lecturer, somehow I still have to meet him in the next semester and more work from him. OMG.

Have been going to the divisional office quite many times lately, mainly to ask about holidays, and academic calendar stuff. Haha. One really crazy thing that I found out is that my next semester starts somewhere March next year.

Woo. I have 3 months holiday. Really crazy. Haha. According to the staff, my program is now follow the academic calendar of Australian education system where it is summer holiday now. But then after that I have to study for 7 months straight until end of year. Not bad too. So I have a lot of free time do many stuff, I gonna work! MONEY. Hehe.

On the other post, I gonna tell you something about Taylor’s Residence or the hostel right inside the campus of Taylor’s University which I am residing in. I am very not satisfy with the staying here and I going to move out soon! Hehe.

A single super small room at Taylor’s Residence is RM760 and the rental rate is going to increase soon. Truly not recommended. =) I want to look for somewhere with apartment facilities but then it’s gonna be next year since I have a long holiday.

Afternoon of Tuesday, I went to my friend’s place to check out his magic trick. Really pro. Haha. Good morning by the way.

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