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I Play Drama

Talk about today in school.

When arrived in school, don’t know why today so late already my friend still haven’t get the Star paper. I got 3 classmates buy The Stars in school because it is cheaper than outside, the subscription fee is RM0.70(per paper) x how many schooling days in the month. Outside sell for RM1.20.

I everyday also borrow from them to read. Spent like half an hour to read everything. Now I am following the Mongolian Lady Murder trial, so interesting, it’s like watching drama nia. HAHA.

Today I went to somewhere call the Bilik Gerakan (Action Room), never been there before, it was beside Principle’s office. Don’t know why teacher choose me and Geoffery go do a Malay drama play. She say it was for the oral test. Ok lo, I can’t memorize the lines well, so I have the script on hand, haha, see talk see act.

Few minutes come out already. Relief. Since the permission for us to go out the class is from 8.30-10.10, we were done at 9. So there is actually a waiting area out principle’s room. So we just sat there and read newspaper. Don’t want to go back class because it will be boring. HAHAHA.

Handed our Star NIE project. Teacher said our design were number 3 nice than the rest. I want number 1, but I can’t do great designs. Ate Wan Tan Mee and French Fries in school. Yummy! Then in class, curi makan (secretly eat) the Wasabi Peanut i bought. Muahaha.

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