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Hennessy Artistry at QE2

Many many weeks ago, I was invited to Hennessy Artistry at QE2. Thanks to Yong Xiang who referred me to Hennessy’s PR people. I was pretty excited because going to an inviting-based event and first time stomping into the clubbing scene. I am not a clubber, but I do go to club, just for fun and look around. Haha.

I asked along Alvin, Jin, Arron (via, Boo Teik and Chien Chern to go there too. It seems pretty interesting because it’s my first time going to such event and QE2. Have been living in Penang for so many years but it’s my first time going to QE2. It’s more likely a pub/restaurant/club, facing the sea.

Cool stuff is that we need not to queue up long like others who register through the website for pass. We’re bloggers and there’s special lane for us.

Though, looking at the list, I did not see many Penang bloggers at there. Where’s all the Penang bloggers?

Upon registration, we get a paper band as passes to go in. Red color are for media/blogger which can access VIP and media area.

Regarding my bald head, I just came out from National Service not long ago. Haha. And I was already partying.

It’s pretty high tech now. There’s a TV showing tweets of people who tweeted about the event, I tried to get mine on but it’s loading slow. Do follow my Twitter. =)

The upper level is for media/blogger/VIP. Though, hardly find any familiar faces there. I know too little people.

Best thing of the night was not the music, or dancing as there’s not any dance floor at there, it’s the Hennessy that rocks, mixing with different mixer, apple, lime, coke or just plain water. Apple and lime were good. =D And one thing, it’s free flow!

Because of free flow, early early at night already can see people down on the floor already. I am not a heavy drinker, I can’t drink much too. Don’t laugh me. Haha.

Basically, people just enjoy drinking that night, and a little big of music and rapping by Joe Flizzow, Sona One and Ad Bangers.

It’s so freaking crowded and happenings in there. Want to move around also hard and one thing, it’s pretty warm that night as it’s open air, facing the sea. Sea breeze was not enough to breeze us up too. Sweating.

There’s also a food corner where the chef make food with Hennessy VSOP, though we didn’t get a chance to try it because the queue and waiting was damn long. We were so not patience.

Met some familiar faces at last, Povy, Jane and Sze Sze.

The free flow ended some time and we decided to leave that place as nothing much to do at there already. We were there just to see see and not get drunk. So we went somewhere else.

Well, it’s kinda rocks and like it. If any of you PR people do need blogger to attend your event, contact me. =D Hahaha.

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