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Hennessy Artistry 2011 At Opera Sunway

Two weeks ago, I was invited to go to Hennessy Artisrty party at Opera Sunway. Well, I am not really a clubber but somehow I enjoyed this kind of event well. Last year, I went to the one at QE2 and this year I am here because o my current location which is so near to Sunway Pyramid. Arron Lim and Grace Lee of Penang joined me too! HAHAHA, their name so formal here, I’ll make it Arron and Grace.

It happened on the 30th April and 2 days before it happened in Penang. Luckily I was in Sunway that time so I could attend the event. I was invited as blogger, gotta thanks Xiang and Helenness for the first invite last year and now I get to join most of the HA events.

Hennessy Artistry was all about great music and the main thing, the global art of mixing, which in simple words, the free flow of Hennessy VSOP, the best part of the night.

iPad challenge! Noob though.

The event started at 9pm sharp and we arrived like half an hour late and it’d already filled with so many hardcore party people. Luckily the flows still go on. Well, it’s not just good music and Hennessy, there’s still little entertainment station which like the iPad game challenge that whoever got the top 5 scores get away a limited edition Hennessy VSOP, too bad the game really lag and we were not pro. Couldn’t get the free bottle back. We kept trying already, still it’s not good.

Arron learning how to mix.

I thought of the purpose of the event, it’s actually encourage people to enjoy the art of mixing Hennessy VSOP with other mixer like Apple, Ginger, Lime and Cranberry. Well, Apple and Lime are my favourite all the time. =D

The place was real hot, beside hot chicks, but what I meant was the temperature of the club, I wonder why but nothing we could do, still enjoyed the rest of the night with chilling Hennessy.

Nothing much, party, music, liquor, nice people, nice environment but hot and that’s the night. I’ll let the picture says. =)

Grace mixing.

Arron and Grace.

Arron, the bartender.

Photo corner, pretty fun.

Music mixing corner, we were too bored and we went to play everything that they offered us to play.

There’s actually a Blogger zone! Rocks. Happy to be a blogger. Sharing is caring.

Not surprised to met Povy there who was actually at the Penang HA and now she’s at here cause she’s a hardcore party goer!

Hennessy Artistry, The Global Art Of Mixing, rocks.

Gonna sleep, going to Singapore tomorrow. Yay.

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  • Lim Yimei
    May 28, 2011 at 3:54 pm

    Too bad couldn’t meet up :O


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