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Hat Yai’s Street Food for Supper

I went to Hat Yai, Thailand recently. It’s very near to Malaysia and it can be said as my first trip to Hat Yai because I don’t really have any memory of my previous trip when I was very very very young. Thai food are very nice, I like but then some are not very hygiene, anyway, don’t care about the cleanliness, let’s talked about food I had.

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After a nice tradition Thai foot massage, it’s 12am Malaysian time and it’s only 11pm Thailand’s time, we were walking along the street, on the way back to hotel. Then we saw a street food stall by the road side and dad decided to eat something.

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he stall sells Koay Teow Thng ala Thai’s Chinese style and Chinese desserts (Tong Sui). Mom went to buy Thai’s 油条 (mandarin:you2 tiao2), a.k.a. yao zhar kway or Chinese doughnut. The shape was so different from what we have and it’s not hot.

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The way of eating it is not eating with porridge as we Chinese do, or with Bak Kut Teh, or with soya milk like that Taiwanese does. They eat it with kaya sauce. Pretty special and the kaya sauce was sweet. First time eating you tiao in this way. One thing, if the you tiao was crispy and warm then it’s great.

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We also ordered the Thai’s koay teow thng. From the look, it’s looks the same, but then when putting it into the mouth, it’s so different. There’s fish ball, meat balls, and some pork. The soup was very clear, different taste, like lack of lard and garlic. The koay teow, or aka flat noodle, was a bit fatter. Afterall, I still prefer Penang’s koay teow thng. ^^

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I also ordered a bowl of their Chinese dessert aka tong shui. Tell you what, it’s super duper sweet, not good for health man. They really put a lot of sugar into it. Oh my god.

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