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Hai Boey Seafood At Teluk Kumbar, Gertak Sanggul

In KL, when talking about seafood, people will think about Kuala Selangor or perhaps Klang, and in mainland Penang, people will think about Tambun, but in Penang island, there’s 2 place famous for seafood, Gertak Sanggul and Teluk Bahang. It’s not your typical Western seafood with cheesy lobster, Chilli soft shell crab, salmon fillet or tuna. What I am talking about is fried mussel, steamed fish, salted egg crab, and more Chinese-local style seafood.

Seafood in my opinion is one of the most expensive food because sea creatures are not easy to capture. These high cholesterol food (except fish) are not healthy, yet many people are craving for it. The freshness taste of seafood are so tempting.

I went to Hai Boey Seafood Restaurant, one of the famous seafood restaurant (another is Good Friend Seafood which I didn’t visit before) in Penang lately for a family dinner.

Hai Boey located deep inside Gertak Sanggul by the seaside is a nice place to have your Chinese-local style seafood as you can enjoy a nice view of sunset during the evening with a nice sea breeze. There’s a little beach and a small playground which allows little kids to play on. Being a big kid, I just went around to take photos of the place.

We arrived at about 7pm and surprised to see that the place was already fulled with people. I think that for the next visit, it will be 6pm, the earlier, the merrier as you can take a stroll near the beach and chit-chat with your friends and family there and chill too. It’s not all about food, but enjoying the sea view too!

We ordered several little seafood which were not those super expensive dishes, but were quite delicious. It was dad who became the leader to make down the order on the food. First up was a plate of what the local called – char kappa which is fried clam with sour sauce and garlic (RM15). It’s really a nice starting dish. The sour sauce were so delicious and it’s nice to eat with rice. The clam was so nice to eat with many garlic and the sour sauce.

Next up was a Japanese style fried brinjal/eggplant (RM9.00). Besides eating just seafood, we did order some vegetable, non-seafood dish to neutralize the seafood cholestrol. This was surprisingly to be good as it’s not only deep fried, but stuffed with a little bit of carrot cutlet and little meat.


The other vegetable dish was something light. It’s a simple Chinese style spinach cook with garlic (RM12.00). The vegetable was soft but I didn’t fancy on this much because I was too concentrated on the fishes, crabs and more seafood! Haha.


As for some carbohydrates dish, we ordered a fried bee hoon and tang hoon mixed (RM15.00). This one is kinda special, on my first try of the mixed of tang hoon and bee hoon, I couldn’t taste the presense of tang hoon, but when look closer into it, the tang hoon actually blends into the taste and the taste covers the texture of both noodle. This is pretty good, especially with lots of little shrimps and beansprout.


I saw some people’s table has this dish, the deep fried sotong (squid) – RM10, and it looks so tempting and crunchy. I am kinda fan of crunchy food and I ordered one too. Though, there only me and dad who were eating it and there’s quite many of it. Eating this with the seafood chilli sauce was so good. It’s just crunch-crunch in the mouth.


You might not see clearly what it is. This is a big claypot, with a big Red Snapper fish in it. This is the claypot red snapper fish (RM52.00) which is one of their recommended dish. The red snapper fish was a little bit hard, yet the freshness can be tasted through my tongue. The sauce was actually soy sauce, a little bit of alcohol and some other spices which I don’t know that makes it good. This dish comes in a big portion too.


Lastly, how can a seafood dinner comes without a crab? We were not really into crab for the dinner, somehow because of it’s a seafood dinner, we ordered a salted egg fried crab (RM22). It’s a small dish as it’s just eat-for-fun and there’s only 2 crabs. Yum yum yum that’s what I want to say because the crabs were deep fried with salted egg which you can taste the salty-ness, yet preserving the freshy taste of the crab. I like this.

It was really a nice dinner and went back home with a full stomach.

Hai Boey Seafood
29 MK 9, Pasir Belanda,
Teluk Kumbar, Gertak Sanggul,
11900 Bayan Lepas.

Tel: 0134881114 / 0124981114 / 0194791114

Business hours: 5.30pm – 11.00pm


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