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Good Morning 4:18AM

MacBook Pro Monitor Work Midnight Room

Good Morning 4:18AM – What am I doing at this wee hour of the early morning? It’s about 2 hours plus until sunrise and an hour more till the chicken co0k-a-doo. I believe many of you are sleeping sweetly, traveling in your dream world and there’s still people like me that’s not sleeping, perhaps gaming or studying. I am doing assignment, homework!

3 more weeks till end of semester and there’s many final submission is coming soon. Workload is heavy, not complaining anything, but just feel like needing more time to complete and perfect my work. It’s final, works have to be good and awesome.


I want to sleep too. I don’t to spend all night long working until the sunrise. It feels very weird not sleeping at night and that’s why I am writing this to wish you all a good night before heading to bed. There’s friends of mine that do work at night and don’t sleep at all, I find it quite weird and very wrong. At least, a little sleep of minimum of 4 hours is what I would do.

Well, do you spend time not sleeping in the night and do your work? Or you would rather sleep and do your work the next day, perhaps early in the morning? Share your view.

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