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Friday Afternoon On Penang Bridge


Friday Afternoon On Penang Bridge – I am not a frequent user of the Penang Bridge which connects the Penang Island and the mainland – Seberang Perai (or less known as Province Wellesley). Have been away to study in Klang Valley, only now I realised that the traffic congestion in Penang is getting as worst as like in Kuala Lumpur, Klang Valley.

#2. Boring weather.

#3. Slow moving at entrance road of the bridge.

Penang Bridge get congested everyday in the morning and during 5pm-7pm where workers are going back home to the mainland, it gets even more congested on Friday with the additional of students and people who are from the mainland.

#4. Soon, when The Light, the new town in Penang is open, more and more people will come to Penang.

Yesterday was just a typical Friday to me, but the traffic get slowed, not congested yet at about 5pm. Travel time extend 9 minutes to 20 minutes from the normal 11 minutes on the bridge and the traffic started to build up by then.


I’ve heard that it takes an hour to pass through the bridge during the peak hour. Hopefully the new Penang Bridge link 2 opening next year will solve part of the congestion and I truly support the build of the 3rd link which is a sea tunnel conecting Gurney Drive and Butterworth. Nevertheless, the state government must look into public transportation system too to reduce the vehicles on the road.

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