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DID Final Semester, Final Presentation

DID Final Semester, Final Presentation – I am writing this on my lovely leather couch, far away from my college, to be exact – in Penang, at home! College is so far ended for me, the past 4 months was so hectic for me as it was the final semester and I stressed up myself to be the best of myself. I didn’t want to waste my last semester and I just wanted to squeeze out whatever skills I had, that’s why I did not blog for the past few months and to be honest, I was quite stressed up.
Of course, I am relaxing right now, I am grateful that the 3 years Diploma In Interior Design studies is over with flying colours and it’s time for me to move to the next level – continue to the degree program! Yay!
Well, speaking back about the final presentation for my final design studio project, I was actually not nervous about presentation, I actually love speaking out and selling my idea. The stress up part was actually the preparation where you see time was moving so fast and so much more to do. To be honest, I was not very satisfied with the outcome, although it’d been a good one according to my lecturers, yet I still feels that there’s much more space for improvement! Yes, indeed. One of my weakness was not having sufficient research, that’s I admit that and I need improvement in that. Never mind, I told myself I still have a year of Degree study to go, don’t stop learning, Nicholas!
The venue.
Lecturer for the design studio – Sabariah.
The classmate. Bye!
My private corner!
CK, who had been my lecturer for 3 modules.
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