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Famous Pitt St. Koay Teow Th’ng at Carnavon Street

The famous Koay Teow Th’ng originally from Pitt Street is now at Carnavon Street. Actually it had been quite some times already but I am sharing with unknowns and this Koay Teow Th’ng place is where I often go there for brunch. Dad loves it here, so do I and mom.

Do you know Carnavon Street has various calling in local Penang Hokkien dialect? Some called it lam chan na (I have no idea what’s that means), some called kua cha keh 棺材街 (Coffin Street because there’s shops selling casket/coffin at there last time).

The koay teow th’ng shop is very easy to find because they have a big signboard outside with a big photo of the koay teow th’ng. So no worry of being lost.

The aunty there is the one who operate the stall and cook the koay teow th’ng. She’s a very friendly person.

I like the fish ball, it’s nice. There’s duck meat and also pork. The big slices of meat are pork, chopped. Kinda special and they koay teow submerged under the soup. Very nice.

Besides just ordering koay teow, we ordered only just the meat in the soup as extra one and eat for fun. Yummy. Koay teow although is similar to Ipoh’s Hor Fun, but the feeling and texture is definitely different. Personally like koay teow more.

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