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Departure To London, Tee Jin

Departure To London, Tee Jin – Tee Jin, the name that I knew 5 years ago. My classmate for the last three year of high school, Form 3, Form 4, Form 5, my Leo Club mate, a friend, a source of motivation, sort of an education guider, a good friend. Although, there’s some misunderstanding many years back, yet, he’s good, friend.

Hock Sheng.
Khai Liang.
Playing his very new Olympus OMD. What a delicious camera to eat.
London is his next destination, the UK is his new home for the next 3 years, for studies, for travel, for exploration. I and a few friend went to the airport to send him off and bid good bye.
Tee Jin
I don’t see sadness in me, I see cheer, excitement, perhaps nervous, as it’s good for him to step foot into the global metropolitan of London.

I am envy, I am jealous, and I want to go too! Many friends have already leaved Malaysia, there’s still many people here too, but the heart in me is – leave. No, I am not un-patriotic, I just want to explore, gain, learn, see and share and I am fed up with the Malaysia political scene. Where shall I go? The Singapore, the UKs, I shall plan. My family, my girlfriend, do you want to go together?

Been through this gate many times. Shall try going through and not come back for some times.
Bon voyage Tee Jin, I shall see you soon in the UK, one day, next year, I assume.
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