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Day Out At Gurney Plaza with Alvin Ng, Chien Chern and Arron Lim

Now is holiday to me, always go here and go there, I don’t feel boring because I still got a lot of thing to and want to do. Going out with friends is just part of it, I don’t want to waste so many money out also.

“Burn” money is fun as they said, but I don’t have that much money to burn, lots of gadget, camera lens, clothing are in my wishlist and shopping list, so I have a lot of saving to do. Do support my sponsors on the sidebar too. =) I didn’t look for part time job also, but then keep hoping that I can earn more from my blogging job. Anyway, still got to thank all of you for supporting my blog everyday.

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One day, I forgotten when, I went out to Gurney Plaza with the usual friends, Arron Lim, Alvin Ng and Chien Chern. THey are my buddies, so don’t be surprise to always see them appear here in my blog. Most people have already go to college or are working, so I only left this few friends that keep “burning” money everyday, doing nothing, “sang” here and there.

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Tell you a fun place to take photos in Gurney Plaza and that is Nichii boutique. Although the place sells all women’s clothing, but then you still can go in to take photos. The lighting is good and camera is allowed, not like other shop that don’t allow people to take photos. Very uncomfortable with that kind of shop.

IMG_4020 by nicholaschan.
Sexy mannequin’s leg. =.=

IMG_4022 by nicholaschan.

IMG_4021 by nicholaschan.

Pretty lame we were, we went to the fourth floor where there’s coin game machine for very very little children. We went to put in coin and play, the helicopter and merry go around. I am too small enough to fit in those game machine. =D Frankly, I didn’t try this when I was small.

IMG_4026 by nicholaschan.
Chien Chern acting cute.

IMG_4028 by nicholaschan.

IMG_4029 by nicholaschan.

We then have afternoon tea at a cafe named Downtown Cafe, a budget eating place in Gurney Plaza, hidden at the fourth floor in front of BEST electronic store. Most workers at Gurney Plaza go there to eat.

IMG_4031 by nicholaschan.

IMG_4033 by nicholaschan.

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