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Day 1 : Night Bazaar

We arrived at Chiang Mai around 7pm. We were actually plan to visit Doi Suthep Temple on the first day, but too late already. So the tour company’s van drive us to the hotel.

We stayed at Suriwongse Hotel, a hotel that locate in the middle of a tourist spot – the Night Bazaar. We see a lot of people there, tourist especially, ang mo a lot. Great we were staying at that hotel, but the room sucks, never mind, we changed to a better room the next day.


After dinner, we walk down the street for shopping at the Night Bazaar or better known by us Pasar Malam/Night Market. I see those Chiang Mai people, wearing traditionals cloth (some) and carrying their baby on their bags, surprisingly their baby so guai, doesn’t scream and cry for milk, haha. People like my mom pity them sometimes will just buy some stuff from them.


See she look so happy when we bought something from her. My mom bought the silver bracelets for 100baht.


We walk down the street, a lot of stores there selling imitation shirts, shoes, shorts, believe to be handmade products, souvenirs, pirated cd/dvds and many many more things.


There sell a lot of this lamps. I also don’t know why, maybe the material there is cheap. Some looks nice.


Hmm, there is like our Batu Ferringhi where you can find a lot of cheap DVDs and CDs. No point for me to get it there as I can always get it here. Good for ang mos.


This is kinda cute, there is actually teddy bear in it. As decoration purpose, will look nice if put in a girl’s room. No girl in my family. So no buy. Mom also don’t want. Hehe.


This is one of the stalls set up by the roadside. The tour guide told us that the pasar malam/night market will be on every night, not like Chatuchak at Bangkok which only have on weekends. Shop till you drops.


This is a place where the seller set up stores, like a market like that. Got a lot of ladies’ shirt, handmade flower soap, massage and more. I and mom went to shopping while my dad went to Foot Massage, only 60baht/half hour. Cheap hor?


I came to this place, also call night bazaar, but the things there not interesting. You can find some scary things there for sale, like this :


I wonder who will ever buy this doll.


But they do have pro artist that draw very nice drawings, just almost same as the photos, background, everything. Look almost the same 90% same as the original photo. Envy, respect.



Stay tune for Day 2 of my Chiang Mai trip.

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  • Aaron Chua
    July 31, 2007 at 6:41 pm

    Those lamps are quite nice.
    And that photo-drawing, whoa! Damn nice!


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