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Day 1 : Suvarnabhumi Bangkok Airport

I am going to spread my 3 days travel experience into several post for more easy reading pleasure and faster loading time. Back to school, and busy sharing my travel things with classmates and friends.

I took budget airline Air Asia to Chiang Mai, but it was not a direct flight. Dad bought tickets online for Penang to Bangkok, then another tickets from Bangkok to Chiang Mai.


Now I am getting a little phobia on taking flight, I do enjoy it journey but National Geographic Channel’s Air Crash Investigation causes the flight phobia on me. Haha. My favorite part on a plane is when the plane take off. Scariest part is when it lands.


It was raining when we landed at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport. It did not bother us as we stay in the airport until the next flight.


So, most probably is because that we took the budget airline, so we don’t get to go to the arriving terminal on those bridges that stick to the plane. Instead, we have to walk down the stairs from the plane and take a short bus ride to the arriving terminal.


It was about 5 hours free time until our next flight and we can’t check in so early also. Have lunch there at the airport and my dad drink a couple of beer, he said beer in Thailand is cheap. I walk around and look for Wifi access for Twittering, but no luck, all need to pay.


Dad drink beer, I eat ice cream. I loves the ice cream (100baht) from Cafe Nero by Black Canyon Coffee (Claim to be largest coffee chain store in Thailand).


I found a lot of little machine at the airport, actually they are for International phone calls and Internet access. I paid 50baht and wrote something for my blog.


Air Asia check in counter is always at row E, last time I went to Bangkok also at row E. So I went to Row E.


Queue up for bags check in and getting our boarding pass. We just need to show our passports and they will give us the boarding pass. So, the paper that I’ve printed out about the AirAsia one was useless.


It’s time for some camwhoring. Getting myself to the waiting hall.


The airport is so big and we have to take these moving walkways a few time until we reach the terminal. It’s time to fly to Chiang Mai with Air Asia, again.

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