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Cycling At Taman Botani Negara / Bukit Cahaya, Shah Alam

Cycling At Taman Botani Negara / Bukit Cahaya, Shah Alam – There’s actually quite a few names for this place – Taman Botani Negara, Taman Pertanian Bukit Cahaya or Bukit Cerakah, call it whatever you like. That many names really makes people confusing, but I believe it’s more likely to known as Bukit Cahaya.
I’d been searching for nature hangout place for hiking, or cycling around Klang Valley and this is one of the place that I found where you can cycle around this small national park. 20 minutes of drive from Bandar Sunway and you will reach this place. 10 people, 2 cars and we reached about 8am! And you know what? The place haven’t open yet. It has opening hour 8.30am.
Going to the place is not free! Parking – RM3, entrance to the place – RM3, rent a bicycle – RM10/hour! Many pro brought their own bike, but we are not pro, so we have to pay and it’s probably a place that I would go once as our 3 hour ride totalled up RM30 already. Remember to check the bike brake when picking up your bike.
Name check! Henry, Mei Jia, Wei Shi, Ling Jia, Siyi, Quenna, Wei Kean, Hooi Pheng, Jason & Nick Chan. =D
Anyway, talk back about the place. It’s pretty cool, a little bit like Penang’s Botanical Garden, the road is not flat, it’s up and down of hill slopes, so it’s pretty tough to ride, but going down hill slopes is damn fun! We queued for like 20 minutes to get a bike and once we got our hands on it, we started riding!
Actually there’s nothing much to see, the place was not very well-maintained despite collecting fee from people. There’s an adventure activity called Skytrex where you can experience tree climbing, flying fox and more like the Escape Park in Penang. We did not go to that because we did not book in advance.
I see no monkey by the way!
Nice blue sky day!
Found coconut tree and Mei Jia got excited and wanted to get one.
Well… I was skeptical about the coconut at first whether it’s safe to drink or not, but she convinced that it’s alright because she came from a kampung with lots of coconut trees. HAHA.
Not that sweet afterall, but refreshing!
Yeah, lovely Saturday.
Although the place was not that person, yet it’s pretty fun pun, for a while I was in the city and for a while, we seemed to be spend like 3 hours in the nature that is so close to the city. The perspiration, laughter, wind and the stress on leg muscle makes it fun! Nice Saturday out with interior design friends again! =D
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